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Andrew Ang Chee Kwang

    B.A. (Law) (Canterbury) (1991)
    Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple) (1993)
    Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) (1994)

    Civil and Commercial Litigation

:  +65 6827 5566
Andrew Ang is director in charge of the Litigation Department of the LLC. For over 20 years, Andrew has been involved in civil and commercial litigation matters and particularly advised various parties in some of the larger and more complex insolvency and corporate restructuring matters in Singapore. Prior to joining PK Wong & Associates on 1 March 2004, he was a partner in a leading restructuring and insolvency practice, in one of the larger law firms in Singapore.
Andrew has acted for and advised institutions and corporations in various matters in the Supreme Court relating to contractual claims, banking matters, construction claims, employment disputes, estate matters, shareholder minority oppression, derivative actions and disputes concerning breaches of fiduciary duties. Andrew has also been briefed in a range of arbitration disputes concerning mining, commercial contracts and supply of services.
Andrew also leads a team that focuses on the growth of aggregator enterprises to address structuring, licensing, contractual and other matters relevant to these entities. With the rising incidence of digital disruption, Andrew’s practice has included advice on issues concerning rights and liabilities particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things.
Andrew's clients also include insolvency and restructuring practitioners. Some of the clients he has acted for include:
  • Stakeholders, judicial managers and liquidators of a Japanese retailer in relation to restructuring of debts
  • Liquidators of a major Korean conglomerate
  • Judicial managers and liquidators of the operators of a country club
  • Scheme managers, creditors and other stakeholders in connection with the restructuring of debts for construction entities
  • Liquidators of what had been the oldest stock broking entity in Singapore
  • Liquidators of a listed entity who commenced action against a former managing director for unfair preferential payments
  • As Counsel in the Supreme Court, in relation to the overseas property of a person made bankrupt in Singapore
Andrew is also an Advocacy Trainer for the Law Society.
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation / Arbitration
  • Insolvency / Restructuring
  • Digital Disruption
Andrew holds a B.A. (Law) from the University of Canterbury and was admitted as a Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple in 1993, and an Advocate & Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Singapore in 1994.